Welcome to my humble abode!  I'm so excited to be able to share my life and journey with you!  I truly do believe we all have a story to share and I'm honored to be able to tell mine!  A little bit about me I'm a Mom to a beautiful baby boy!  Not so much a baby but he's my baby, he's 4!  He loves sports, trucks, and trains... basically everything that most little boys love!

I'm a Banker by day and an entrepreneur by night! LOL Having multiple streams of income is the name of the game and how I'm able to do everything I do!  I've been in banking for over 6 years; working at Chase, Fifth Third, and now BMO Harris Bank.  I absolutely love that I've had the opportunity to learn about finances so that I can apply them to not only my life but those around me!

As I said I'm also an Entrepreneur as a Travel Designer and Brand Ambassador for ItWorks!  I chose travel because I LOVE TRAVEL! LOL no like seriously it's the #1 thing I want to do in life other than being a mother!  The great thing is that I get to create custom itineraries for my clients to give them one of a kind experiences, create world connections, and come home inspired to live their best life!

Last but not least I mentioned that I'm a Brand Ambassador for ItWorks!  Did you know that IT actually WORKS!  From true weight loss, living a healthy lifestyle, growing your hair out, making millions... ItWorks!  I get paid to do all the above and then help others do the same!  What's not to loose right?!

My ultimate goal is to be able to live my best life and help others accomplish the same!  Whether its health, building wealth, or traveling the world, I work with my clients every step of the way!  I can't wait to partner with you towards your life goals and becoming the best version of you!

These are a few of my favorite things!


Boss Mama Life

Of course I had to put my baby on here is the first favorite thing of my life!  Meet Xavier!  He's seriously my biggest motivator, motivation, and inspiration.  He work outs with me and reminds me to actually do "Exercise"! Lol He's the reason I bought my home and why I work so hard!  Every move I've made in the last 4 years have been to be better for him.


Wanderlust Lover

My number one thing that I aspire to do in my life is travel!  I'm so excited that I was able to go to my dream place... Paris! Crossing this off my bucket list has been unreal!  My top 5 places that I want to go are Italy, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, and Australia!  See you on the beaches of the world!


Foodie Connoisseur

Y'all, sorry I'm a Midwest girl if you can't tell!  I love me some food! 🙂  Feeding me is the way to my heart and I'm unapologetic about it!  To the point where I'm totally ok with my extra curves just so I can eat some good food!  My favorites are seafood and Italian!