Hey There!

Thank you so much for checking me out!  I'm thrilled to finally have a space for me to speak candidly about my experiences.  I'm a mom of a facetious little toddler boy, Xavier Aaron!  He is the love of my life and who I do it all for!  Crazy how they just come in, take over, and change everything!

By trade I'm a banker by day and an entrepreneur by night!  I've been in banking for about 6 years now and it's taught me so much about money management, personal and business finance, building wealth, and lending!  I'm super excited to pass that along to all you beauties because I believe in financial freedom and my goal is to help the next woman!

As an entrepreneur you could say I've done A LOT!  I've been a beauty consultant, stylist, and jewelry merchandiser.  I speak freely about that because every opportunity taught me so much about different aspects of business.  For that I'm super grateful!  NOW my focus is on helping my clients get healthy, become debt free, and to make travel apart of their lifestyle!


These are a few of my favorite things!


Yogi Girl

I was a dancer for over 8 years and since I no longer do that Yoga is my next love!  It's so calming and relaxing! After a very crazy day of running around I turn on my favorite yoga app or try to catch a class if I can!


Wanderlust Lover

My number one thing that I aspire to do in my life is travel!  I'm so excited that I'm able to go to my dream place... Paris! This is going to be unreal!  My top 5 places that I want to go are Italy, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, and Australia!  See you on the beaches of the world!


Foodie Connoisseur

Y'all, sorry I'm a Midwest girl if you cant tell!  I love me some food! 🙂  Feeding me is the way to my heart and I'm unapologetic about it!  To the point where I'm totally ok with my extra curves just so I can eat some good food!  My favorites are seafood and Italian!