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I have had eczema since my high school diving days!  The chlorine ruined my skin though and it's been dry ever since.  If you have eczema then you know when it flairs it itches and can sometimes burn.  I was an Advanced Skincare Consultant with MK for years.  I also used their products for years, and it was great however it never helped my flair ups.  (I have nothing bad to say about Mary Kay btw)

I switched to this line and have never felt more confident about my skin without makeup.  It's botanical based so it's gentle enough for my sensitive skin.  I also never really have flair ups AND the defining gel helps to sooth any irritations I may have.

Defining Gel

Stretch Mark Cream  (Helps with Dark spots)


Exfoliating Peel



We have tons of other products but these are what I use.   I'd love to help you to create your own customer Skincare Regimen.  Each Product is available for Individual Purchase as well.