My Parisian Holiday!


So it's officially 2018 and I cant even begin it without letting you know about my Parisian Holiday!  I'm just going to apologize in advance that I didn't get this out right when I got back!  I had to try and configure how to even put all of this magicalness (yep I just made that word up!)  into one post!  This trip ya'll, was a dream come true for me!   It all came about when the amazing leaders of my company, ItWorks, planned a leadership retreat to Paris!  I initially didn't think I'd be able to go because I didn't know if I could get the time off, so I didn't go for it.  Then a few weeks later there was another contest and I thought to myself maybe I should just check and see the dates.  I realized that I HAD THE DATES OFF ALREADY !!!!  That was supposed to be a vacay with a guy I had been seeing however that clearly didn't work out and i was stuck with a full week off!  Oh well because I took myself to Paris instead!  LOL see what happens when you focus on yourself for a little bit!   But that's a story for a different day so we'll move forward from that!

Needless to say I went to work and earned myself a free trip to Paris, all I had to take care of was my flights and food while I was there!  I can't even describe to you the moment I found out I was making my dreams a reality!   A few things I realized is you really can do anything you set your mind to, take the limits off of yourself and God because you never know where he will take you, and to stay passport ready!

This trip forced me way out of my comfort zone and into a place of belief that I've never really experienced!  As a mom to a toddler little boy I had never even stepped out of the country, let alone leaving him for 5 days!  Not only that but I had never really traveled by myself internationally so that was another reason for my hesitation.   Through all of that I went and had an amazing trip!

3 things Paris taught me...

  • Dream without limits!
  • Believe in my ability to do anything I set my mind to!
  • There is a big world out there with so many beautiful people... it's time to get to traveling!

Here are some of the amazing photos from the city of love!  There were so many photos that I couldn't even put it all in one post so I'm just going to highlight my favorite moments! Hope you enjoy!

Eiffel Tower

Because that never gets old! My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower! So stunning... I about died of awe!



Parisian Architecture

I love how they kept a lot of the old architecture!  Nothing in Paris was modern, it was all grand, shabby chic, and oh so amazing!


Notre Dame!  The Disney girl in me got so excited because I watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame a billion times!


Because who doesn't want a picture of a colored door while abroad!?!?!? THIS CHICK!

The Arc De Triomphe!  So amazing to see... its huge!

The Louvre Museum!  Its just as beautiful outside as it is inside! Bring your comfy shoes too because you will need an entire day to experience all of its beauties!

The Christmas Market



Ya girl finally found some crepes!!!!  Worth every calorie!






Pastries!!! YUM



Angelina!!! Heavenly… like everything was just so good!





This is a no judgement zone hear for all of you healthy people! The rest of us will sit here and eat with no thoughts of calories!

I’m pretty sure this is a famous place because the line outside was ridiculous and it was super fancy!  So we just jumped in the to go line to get in and out!

I don’t remember the name of this chocolate store but it was amazing!!! Took my mom and Grannie some… they were excited about it!


The Artwork

This right here, hands down, was top three moments of the trip!!! Yes Mrs. Mona was small but I have heard sons, seen movies, and pictures about her!  So seeing her upfront was pretty unreal!  Thank you to the random guy for capturing this moment!

I loved that the Louvre featured African artwork!

Some of the prettiest ceiling art I’ve ever seen! There was more but it would take forever to go through!  This was one of my fav’s… I’m a sucker for gold trim!

She’s my favorite! She just looked fearless and strong!



Now here is another big moment for me! Vincent Van Gogh… I remember recreating his work in art class, that’s where I first fell in love with art!  I’m pretty sure I still have Starry Night from elementary school, its one of my favorites! I’ll have to go see it in Italy in a few months!



I had to add these two ladies because us three were probably the only women in Paris with curves! Lol seriously everyone was in shape! I’m over here like I’ll just hang out with these two! But for real for real, the woman body is beautiful so I love this painting!

My Itworks Tribe

The amazing women that I got to share Paris with!  Thank you Itworks!




This woman right here is the reason I was able to make my dreams a reality!  She’ll never know how forever grateful I am for her because it opened my eyes and expanded my vision for my life!


My adventure buddy! We literally walked around Paris, took trains, subways, ate new foods! It was so fun!

Yes ItWorks is also in Paris and these lovely people were able to join us! I love that our business is all over the globe!

Another amazing Boss Mama of two beautiful baby girls! Her story is so inspiring!

Inside the Louvre with these beautiful women, so amazing how God brings us all together from all walks of life!

Oh this mama! Her story is a tear jerker and will have you working when you don't feel like it!  She teaches me that there is no excuse big enough when you have dreams as big as we do!

Random Unforgettable Moments

I finally made it to the Love Lock bridge and I was sad to know that they had taken them down!  BUT they left a few just to fill me with joy! I will come back and add one of my own next time!

Someone trying to make a buck!  Sorry sir I didn't even have a Euro to give 🙁 !

By far one of the most magical moments of my trip was walking into the Louvre' and being able to hear a live violinist!  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!



Farewell Paris until next time!