Like LEGIT!!! Being a working mom doesn't stop!  And if your a single mom then kudos to you Mama!  It probably has to be the hardest thing I've ever done but you know we love it!  Even in the chaos at the end of the day we wouldn't change it for the world.

As great as it is ladies often times I find that we are the last on the list of priorities.  I myself didn't even realize it until I had gained over 40 lbs since my son was born.  I had started this business but wasn't willing to invest in myself to buy the products to help me lose the weight or be healthy.  FINALLY a light bulb went off and I realized I needed to invest back in myself or I wouldn't be around for the big moments with my son.

So I wanted to create a #BossMamaLife Pack to get my Mama's healthy.  DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT THIS!!!! I know I did.  I felt like I have this that and everything else to take care of.  But you know what else Mama knows how to get what she wants to get.  So I made away to get this pack for myself!  (Hence why I work this business, you don't have to but I chose to because I couldn't afford it with my 9-5 as a banker.)

How I have this set up is you pick 3 products from my favorites list depending on what your individual needs are!   I believe in customizing my packs for my clients because no two people are the same and everyone needs something different.   I will say these products listed below are my absolute go to's and how I'm able to get so much done and still be sane!  Ya'll know how Mama Life is!

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The Shake is my go to for a meal replacement! If I don't feel like cooking or even for a quick breakfast or lunch! My favorite lately is to add the chocolate greens and penut butter!  Literally taste like a Jamoca Shake from Wendys!


Greens are great to give you energy throughout the day!  I usually take it with my lunch because I need a pick me up around that time!  I love that it also helps to boost my immune system because you know Mama can't get sick!   The Greens also are a gentle detox on your system!

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2 Day Detox is a gentle two-day herbal cleanse that helps your body reset and rebalance itself so you can feel and look your best!  If you've never done one you need to do this!  Once a month is all that's required and you will thank me later!

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HSN (Hair Skin + Nails) are like a staple in my monthly order!  After I had my son my hair texture, curl pattern, all of that completely changed! My hair even got thinner!  I just recently did  a big chop (For the 2nd time) and have already started to see my curls come back like they initially were the 1st chop!  Not to mention my nails are super long and strong!  It's a must have for every Mama!  With stress which can sometimes cause stress related baldness around certain areas of your scalp... YOU NEED THIS!

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For the days when you want your pasta or pizza Fat Fighters will be your best friend!  I take them when I have high carb meals, including the pizza I had last night!  Keep them in your purse so you have them while your on the go!

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If your a coffee drinking kind of Mama then yes this is for you!  I literally call this my Skinny Girl Coffee!  It helps to break down fat, it's 100 calories (as opposed to Starbucks 500-1000 calories), and it's so yummy!  They come individually wrapped so you can put them in your purse and use when you need it!  This gives you so much mental clarity it's not even funny!  You know what I mean Mama's, when you feel like your running around like a chicken with their heads cut off!  I've gotten so much more done drinking this coffee!

Ok Mama so now's the fun part!

Click here to pick your three and customize your favorites based off what you need!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!