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Look at your life currently.  Do you want it to be the same next year?  If not let's change that!  I mean that so seriously!  Life is too short to not live each day to the fullest!  One of my many goals is to help women travel the world and to create their dream lives!  Being a mom, a 9-5'er, and a business owner; I realize how crazy life is.  My hopes are to share the things I've learned along the way to help juggle it all!



If you're someone who is busy, overworked, overwhelmed and has a desire for more ... you're in the right place!  It's probably time for you to take a trip!  Most people nowadays want unique experiences to amazing destinations with the least amount of work required!   They don't have time to create these kinds of vacations because they are too busy living their lives.  I'm here to help in that regards!  Most of what I do is to take the legwork away from my clients so they can take care of their families and their careers.

I create custom itineraries for them tailored to their lifestyle.  Whether or not you're the adventurer, the beach bum, or a foodie; I curate a trip just for you along with taking care of all the details!  I help my clients to create new experiences, make new connections, and come home inspired!

Raving Fans

"It has been a dream of mine to visit the Dominican Republic for years! Being an avid traveler I put great care into discovering the best deals from flights, cruises, hotels and especially excursions. Not having the best of luck on my own this time around, I was blessed to secure Ariel Boyd as my Travel Agent! Her customer service and attention to detail were top notch. She was thorough in finding out exactly what I wanted and what was important for me. She was able to provide options for my companion and I until we were both satisfied! At the end of the day, Ariel was able to save us 9 hours of travel time having access to flights that we could not see on our own and over $800 on an all-inclusive package to the breathtakingly beautiful Punta Cana! We will definitely be taking advantage of her service again soon!"





A huge part of my life that I wanted to share is being a mom and a career woman!  It is so much joy and a juggling act of organized chaos!  I'm all for learning as much as possible to live my best life not only for myself but for my son as well!  I've made so many mistakes in life and learned so many lessons so if I could pass that along to the next woman I'm all about that.

From finances, navigating cooporate America as a woman, business best practices, to health + wellness, organization tips, and of course travel trends!  My blog will have all kind of goodies to share because "Sharing is caring"! #BossMamaLife