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5 Realistic Ways To Travel More Without Touching Your Budget!

I always get the clients that tell me their dream trip and then when it comes time to go over how much is their budget, they cringe. I hate that part of my job because I want everyone to be able to travel. I was thinking about some of the ways that I myself have been able to add dream trips into my budget! Let’s be real even with a good job sometimes adding in 2-3 trips throughout the year can be expensive!

Here are my top 5 ways to be able to afford the travel lifestyle that you want! No matter who you are or what you do travel adds so much value to your life! Not to mention, I personally believe everyone should travel at least once or twice throughout the year to be able to decompress! We all need to get away! We all need to create meaningful new experiences!

  1. Get a side hustle! Take what you love doing or maybe even find something new that you enjoy doing and then turn it into profits! Majority of the time my 9-5 is for my expenses and my bills. My side hustles are for the extras in my life! Not to mention some even offer trips that you can earn for free! That’s how I went to Paris! I earned a trip from a Direct Sales company I was with. My travel business thankfully has afforded me and my family opportunities to travel abroad as well!
  2. Sell old goods: clothes, furniture, shoes. Nowadays with Facebook marketplace, Poshmark, or Esty; there’s really no reason why you can’t get rid of your gently used items! Not to mention it helps to de-clutter and get rid of stuff! As a busy woman, this was such a stress reliever! It helped me keep my home tidy, and made it so much easier to find stuff in the morning! Y’all know what I’m talking about!
  3. Cut the cable or monthly subscriptions. I know it’s agonizing to think about but let it go! Especially with cable which is such an unnecessary expense! I cut the cable years ago because honestly it was just way too much and I couldn’t justify it seeing as how we barely watched what was on there. Also those monthly subscriptions to things that you really don’t need to pile up! Let it go sis! Most of us are product junkies any way and have way too much stuff as it is!
  4. Stop going out to each so much. We are all guilty of this so don’t feel too bad just make the necessary adjustments. If you’re like me and maybe cooking isn’t your thing I’d recommend Pinterest. I was going to say subscription meal boxes but I just told you to cut that! Lol, I think the only argument I could make is if you really stay on budget and utilize what you receive every week! If you can do that then HelloFresh is a choice I would strongly consider.
  5. Review your budget to see what expenses are unnecessary and then cut them. For me getting my nails done, hair done, not doing lashes… anything with maintenance. I decided to finally wear my natural hair and only get a new product when I run out of old product! As ladies we have SOOOO many things that require maintenance and if you’re on a budget it may be time to try DIY tricks!

All of this in the name of travel! Will it be hard… ABSOLUTELY! Will it be worth it….ABSOLUTELY! I’ve never had a client regret being on the beach or having a new experience. Travel is one of those things that are priceless and so worth it. It’s something I want for everyone and I want to make sure you set your self up for this to become of your life! Not just a once off chance but something you do a few times a year! You deserve it!


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  1. These are great suggestions! I think we would all be surprised at where our dollars go if we were keeping track (I still can’t believe some are willing to pay $5 for a cup of coffee). I am going to share this list with my followers!

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