What to do when life happens!



Oh my word! This has been my life for the last 2 months! Honestly ever since I turned 30 it just has not been as magical as I thought it would be! In honor of National Relaxation Day I figured why not have this be a topic for my first post! Most of the #BossMamas that I know are having life happening in some major ways and it’s not always easy!

My 30th started with me not going to Italy this year because it was my Grandpas 80th birthday celebration. It ended up being a blessing because that was the last time I saw him in all of his “Paw Paw” glory; he passed a month later. Two weeks before he passed I started classes back up AGAIN (because I’m determined to finish this degree!) so needless to say it was hard to stay focused. Then I had a family cruise set up a week after his funeral. This was the first time going on a cruise and taking my 4 year old on a plane! (Lol there will definitely be a post about that later) And to top it off now that we’ve been back my son starts at a new school TOMORROW!

All of this within the last 5 weeks…and I know I’m not the only one having life happen! When I tell you my stress level is on a 10….girl it’s just been a lot!

Initially I didn’t want to go into detail about what’s been going on but I’m learning to be honest and vulnerable about my journey. In a world where everyone has IG ready pics and perfect lighting sometimes I just need to hear about what’s really going on and how people are making it through. It’s like turning 30 gave me a whole new slew of adulting and it’s not even funny!

So I wanted to share how I’ve been able to cope because that tends to be the thing no one really discusses. Yeah, we see you making it but “HOW SWAY?”

My biggest 5 tips!

Feel however you’re feeling in that moment, even if that means you have to go take a minute for yourself. I’ve been sad, hurt, angry, happy, and numb over the past few months. I’ve really learned that you have to feel what’s going on. Especially being a busy Mama, you’re too busy and have way too much going on to not acknowledge what’s happening around you. Don’t suppress it!

Take a minute for yourself! Sometimes that means yoga, a lazy day on the couch, a hot shower, a glass of wine, or a moment to simply cry. Take the time you need! I learned that being busy is not always the answer! I got to a place where I was so overwhelmed that it boiled over and came out sideways. (Yelling at my son over something small, road rage LBVS, or going off on the Sprint person on the phone! Yep not one of my proudest moments!)

Find your happy place Mama!For me it was playing my favorite music when I was stressed or randomly dancing in the living room with my son! Whatever it is figure that out and make sure you remember it when the stress piles up! *Music is known to change your moods so Stevie Wonder on Pandora is my go to! He can do no wrong!

Be around people who love you!I was SURROUNDED by my family when all of this was going on and it was the most therapeutic thing ever! I have a big family so it was great having all of us together. There’s a saying of some family your born into and some you pick! Whichever is in your life make sure to keep them close when your stressed because spending time with them will be good for your soul! And it will make you feel less alone!

Spend quiet time with God so you can be poured back into! I’ve learned to take the time to pray and read my Bible way more often then I used to. That is where my strength lies and how I’ve honestly been able to make it. I talk to God like I’m talking to my best friend and when I leave my time with Him I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. That could be in the car, the shower, before bed, whenever I have a quiet moment to myself! (Lol I know those are rare so you gotta get creative!) I love using the Bible App for my devotions too!

Whatever you’re going through just know you’re not alone! Just know you’ve got this Mama! And know that this is just a season and it will past!

Ariel ♥