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True Independence!

Happy 4th! All week I've been game planning my month! From finances to career goals, debt goals, my family goals. I'm mapped out for the rest of the month and now working towards quarter goals. ... READ the POST

5 Realistic Ways To Travel More Without Touching Your Budget!

I always get the clients that tell me their dream trip and then when it comes time to go over how much is their budget, they cringe. I hate that part of my job because I want everyone to be able to ... READ the POST

Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day!

  I’m sure I’m not the only one who low key dreads Valentine’s Day!  That’s the weekend to take a social media break because all the lovely couples will be posting!  I’m so tired of people ... READ the POST

What to do when life happens!

My 30th started with me not going to Italy this year because it was my Grandpas 80th birthday celebration. It ended up being a blessing because that was the last time I saw him in all of his “Paw Paw” ... READ the POST