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Understanding Home Equity

Home equity…Everybody wants it, but what exactly is it, and how do you get it? Equity represents the degree of ownership an individual or entity has in an asset after subtracting any debts against ... READ the POST

8 Reasons Why Real Estate is the Best Investment

8 Reasons Why Real Estate is the Best Investment Real estate has long been considered a solid investment for many reasons. It is a relatively safe and easy way for people to build wealth beginning ... READ the POST

Should You Buy and Sell at the Same Time?

Both buying and selling a home is equally stressful, but what about when you are trying to coordinate both at the same time? There are a lot of moving parts, and the agents involved work together to ... READ the POST

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Family

On Earth Day, April 22nd, we celebrate our celestial home, planet Earth. It is a day to give thanks for the world around us and to take action to protect the natural resources we depend upon. This ... READ the POST

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