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For many families, a home is one of the largest financial decisions of their lives. I understand the dual role of real estate as both a home and an investment.  I help in the process of guiding customers with this financial decision.

There is a wide range of loan types to fit a variety of needs including:

  • First Time Homebuyer Programs
  • Conventional
  • Jumbo
  • FHA and USDA
  • VA
  • Second Home/Vacation Home
  • Construction Lending

The best part is I'm able to lend in all 50 states and provide customers with the right home financing options. Get a head start on the home buying process today!

One of the biggest questions I get is, "Do you offer downpayment + closing cost assistance?"... Yes I do!

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First Time Home Owners Programs

Pretty self-explanatory!  This buyer is a first-time homeowner and being so, comes with its perks!  Working through First Home Bank, I'm able to offer clients an Affordable Housing Program Grant!

This includes...

  • Assistance with down payment, closing cost, or rehabilitation costs available
  • $5,000 maximum for first- time homebuyers
  • $7,500 maximum for current or retired law enforcement officers and other first responders
  • $7,500 maximum for veterans
  • $10,000 maximum for returning veterans
  • Credit restrictions may apply
  • Income limitations and additional eligibility requirements must be met
  • Pre-purchase consumer counseling session required
  • Funds must be reserved in advance
  • Program participation and funding is limited
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Serving Our Military!

Whether you’re a veteran, currently serving, or have a service member as part of your family, you’ve earned the benefits that a VA loan can provide.  This is one of the services that are near and dear to my heart, my family is a military family.  I have cousins in all branches of the military, my brother is a Navy Veteran, my bestie is in the Airforce, and both parents were in the Army!  I am proud to service our military members and their families and help them achieve their homeownership goals … and I'm looking forward to helping you.

What Makes Us Different From Other VA Lenders?

✓ Experts in VA loans

I understand the requirements and regulations and are able to quickly and smoothly navigate you through the process.

✓ The Bank for Everyone

Whether you’re a veteran or currently serving, YOU are our number 1 priority regardless of past experiences.

✓ Keeping you Informed

No man is left behind! I know this is a big decision and I want you to be comfortable … but more importantly, I want you to feel like I'm a trusted partner.

Benefits of a VA Loan

For individuals who qualify, a VA loan has amazing benefits when it comes to buying a home. It’s time to reap the benefits that you’ve earned by serving our country. Here’s a breakdown of some of the VA loan’s most exclusive benefits.

✓ 0% Down Payment Options With No PMI

This is one of the most desirable benefits of a VA loan. These days, it’s pretty much impossible to find loans where 100% of the home’s value can be financed.

✓ 100% Refinancing available

With a VA Home Loan, you are allowed to refinance with cash out up to 100% of your home’s value with no PMI. Streamlined refinancing, no appraisal, and no income requirements.

✓ Lower interest rates

Generally, VA loans are available at lower rates than comparable conventional loans (which, again, means huge savings for you in the long run).

✓ Easier qualification

When getting a conventional mortgage loan, there are strict procedures that must be met, including income verification, employment verification, and more. VA loans have a much more generous qualification policy.



Having a professional by your side makes all the difference in unexpected situations, which is every client I get.  No one situation is the same and you want to make sure you work with someone who is willing to do the work necessary to get you to your end goal.  I don't promise clients the sun, the moon, and the stars however I do promise to put them in the best possible financial situation.  My ultimate goal is to make sure you and your family are able to live the "American Dream" as well as build generational wealth!  I hope to empower my clients for this purchase and the many that come after!

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What’s Good

Client satisfaction is my first priorty!