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Single Girls Guide to Valentines Day!


I’m sure I’m not the only one who low key dreads Valentine’s Day! 

That’s the weekend to take a social media break because all the lovely couples will be posting!  I’m so tired of people thinking being single is this terrible thing because it really isn’t!  Just like everything else in life it’s a season, lol it may last longer than others but hey enjoy it anyway!

Please don’t get caught up thinking you’re not lovable, you’re alone, or you’re gonna be single forever!  Stop the theatrics!  This year I feel like everyone is on this manifestation tip so what I’m learning is “As a woman thinketh so is she!”  So stop all the negative thoughts and change your mindset about being single!  Take this time to celebrate your time, learn to be happy with yourself, and cultivate solid friendships! You’ll never get time like this ever again in your life!  Especially if you have no kids! HONEY appreciate your alone time!

So instead of thinking all bad things about V Day I wanted to share some of the things I’ve enjoyed doing over the years to make the day more about me! Lol because when your single you can do that!


  1. Dinner with your fellow single friends!  Male or female… just make sure you all get together!  Me and my cousin have a tradition that we always do dinner on V Day!  Pick your favorite restaurant make sure to get a bottle of wine for the table and enjoy!  More than likely if your alone someone else is too so you might as well get together!
  2. DIY Self Care Day!  If money is a bit tight then this is the day where you can make your own mask, or go to Target! Lol I’d rather just get me a mask than make it, too exhausted for that! Lol Have your big comfy robe to sit in all evening. Get your favorite wine (Or drink of choice! Mine is a honey whiskey!), order carry out or cook, and get your best chick flick feel good movie!  Find your favorite nail polish and do your own mani and pedi! This is my perfect stay in night! Lol I’m pretty boring but nothing beats getting to stay in and enjoying yourself!
  3. Group Event!  Get a group of friends together and go do something fun!  Here in Indy I know we have TopGolf, Punch Bowl Social, dinner and a movie at Flix Brewhouse in Carmel, or Wine Tasting (there are tons of places all around!).
  4. Spa Day!  I swear there is nothing better than a spa day and some self-care to make you enjoy ANY day!  I love going to the spa and getting a massage, deep tissue of course because being a Mommy is no joke! Also it’s the perfect time to get a mani and pedi just to pamper yourself!  Honestly in a relationship or not this should be on the list of things to do on V Day!  Lol that’s just me!
  5. Staycation!  You don’t have to go anywhere but your own city!  Thank God Indianapolis is stepping it up here lately so there are some amazing hotels here!  Especially Boutique hotels that just recently opened. Those are my favorite for this type of experience because its smaller, a little bit more intimate and cozy!  Here are my top 5 if you’re a Hoosier Girl!
    1. The Alexander
    2. Ironworks Hotel
    3. Le Meridien
    4. The Conrad
    5. JW Marriott
  6. Weekend Getaway! If you want to get real fancy I would make a whole weekend out of it!  You could take off Thursday- Sunday and go to the nearest big city!  For me Chicago would be my choice!  I love going there, it has actually been a minute since I’ve taken the trip!  You could go to some local shows, fun dinner, museums, and a spa trip!  All in one!

Whatever you do love,

Make sure you do something for yourself!  As a single girl the biggest thing I do is make sure I put myself first, because if you don’t who else will.  Make sure to take care of yourself, inside and out!  Take a moment to relax, decompress, and feel the love around you from friends and family!  V Day doesn’t have to be the dreaded day for single folks, it can be the day where we love on ourselves and appreciate those we’ve been blessed to have in our lives!

And of course for your travel needs make sure to click the Plan your Trip form and we’ll make sure your V Day is AMAZING!

Cheers to you love!


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